List A: These documents verify both identity and employment eligibility
– Unexpired U.S. passport
– Unexpired foreign passport (with an I-551 stamp)
– Unexpired employment authorization card
– Alien registration receipt card or permanent resident card
– Unexpired employment authorization document containing a photograph (issued by USCIS)
– Unexpired foreign passport (with form I-94, containing an endorsement of nonimmigrant status)

List B: These documents verify identity
– Valid U.S. or Canadian driver’s license or ID card that contains a photograph or description of personal characteristics
– ID card issued by local, state or federal agencies with a photograph on it
– Voter’s registration card
– U.S. military card or draft record
– Military dependent’s ID card
– U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner card
– A Native American tribal document
– School ID card with photograph (employees under 18)
– Hospital, clinic or doctor record (employees under 18)
– Daycare or nursery school record (employees under 18)
List C: These documents verify employment eligibility
– Social security card
– U.S. or birth abroad certificate
– Native American tribal document
– U.S. citizen ID card 
– Resident citizen ID card
– Unexpired employment authorization document (issued by DHS)